Today, 28 May 2015  the project „ The holographic and multiethnic history of Brãila” has been released

On Thursday, 28th May 2015, hour 09,00, at the head office of the Directorate for Strategies, Projects, Development Programmes, International Relationships – Brãila Municipality, Vapoarelor street, no 2, City of Brãila, took place the release of the project „The holographic and multiethnic history of Brãila”. The release took place during a press conference attended by the mayor Aurel-Gabriel Simionescu, the executive director of the Directorate for Strategies, Projects, Development Programmes, International Relationships and part of the management team of the project. During the conference, the journalists were given folders, flyers, posters, leaflets and CD-s with materials about the project and the logos of the Programme funder  – the Management Unit of the project and of the Norwegian partner and promoter.

Grant in total amount of 513.973 lei.

The project benefits of a total funding of  513.973 lei through a Grant provided by Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the Government of Romania through the Programme  PA17/RO13  – Promoting diversity in culture and art within the European cultural patrimony, programme implemented by the Ministry of Culture through the Management Unit of the Project. The project is implemented by Brãila municipality, in partnership with Jazzmontor ASNorway, during January – September 2015, in basis of the financing agreement PA17RO13/LP27/22.12.2014.

Within the project there shall be made two movies about the tumultuous history of Brãila and the good friendship of the 13 ethnicities from here which have contributed to the development of the cosmopolitan city,movies which shall be holographically and quasiholographically staged in the public space in order to increase the cultural dialogue and the protection of the European identity through understanding and the innovative presentation of the cultural diversity.

Specific objectives

Specifically, the project aims for the strenghtening of the bilateral relations between the Romanian cultural operators and those from Norway, in the area of art and culture, focusing on diversity; the strenghtening of the general public access to culture, by presenting the holographic screenings of the movies with relevant visual historical and multiethnic message; the achievement of an optimum understanding of the cultural diversity and the strenghtening of the intercultural dialogue, including the one between minorities, among which the Gypsies; the development ( extension) of the opportunities to run various, modern activities, namely holographic and quasiholographic screenings. Therefore there are founded two awareness campaigns on the purpose of art as mean of education, by making two movies for promoting the local cultural diversity and three holographic and quasiholographic screenings in order to promote the multiethnic identity of Brãila

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